We can now detect recurrent events in GNOME Calendar

Yes! We cleared the first hurdle in adding recurrence support to GNOME Calendar.

Now GNOME Calendar is smart enough to detect if an event has recurrences or not.

We added a new property – ‘has-recurrence‘ – to GcalEvent. Evolution API took most of the load off our shoulders as it already had a function ‘e_cal_component_has_recurrences()‘ which served our purpose.

The property ‘has-recurrence is a gboolean (or boolean, in general) and is assigned TRUE when an event has recurrence property, otherwise FALSE. This is the simplest of properties with more complex ones yet to come.

To test out this newly added patch, I decided to import a recurrent event from Google Calendar to GNOME Calendar. To my benefit, our weekly GSoC meeting was already a recurrent event and therefore served as a perfect test case. So after successfully importing that event in GNOME Calendar, I used GtkInspector to enlist the properties of the event.

And Voilà! As you can see below, the has-recurrence property was automatically set to TRUE.


You can find more about GtkInspector here.

For those of you who are new to GObject. Here are the relevant links.

You can check out my patch here.

Feel free to say hi or drop suggestions.


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