GNOME Calendar to support creation of recurring events very soon

The first phase of my GSoC project is over, and I have passed the evaluation for the same. Honestly speaking, it has been quite a difficult start for me. Given that I had to deal with ‘libical’, which is sparsely documented, and also evolution-calendar code, which is hard to understand, I have finally found the flow that was needed for this project.

For the last 2 weeks I have been working on a modification in edit-dialog that allows the user to create recurring events. The creation part has been taken care of successfully but the editing part (editing recurrence-rules of already recurring events) is not complete.

Here’s a short video demonstrating my patch which is WIP.

(All thanks to our friends at WOGUE, who made a pretty solid demonstration of my patch)


With that being said, I can safely say that you can expect a working patch to land next week  that will allow the users to create recurring events.

This is a big step towards our goal of making GNOME Calendar recurrence friendly.

Stay tuned, an awesome new feature coming next week.

Until next time.



5 thoughts on “GNOME Calendar to support creation of recurring events very soon

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    1. Hi Felix.

      I don’t know the details about how the screencast was made but I’m pretty sure the zooming in was done during post-editing. You can ask screencast related questions here


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