GSoC ’17: Wrapping Things Up

Hey folks!

So we’ve reached the conclusion of Google Summer Of Code 2017. I’m in the process of submitting the final report as I write this post.

The Journey

My GSoC project on GNOME Calendar was full of ups and downs (more ups of course).   As this was my first GSoC project I was practically new to this workflow. Having weekly meetings, pushing code on a timely basis, discussing ideas regularly with my mentor etc. made things all the more intense. There were weeks were I made more progress than expected and then there were weeks where we headed nowhere (due to lack of knowledge regarding recurrences). The reason for this was using the sparsely documented library, ‘libical‘ and deciphering the cryptic code of ‘evolution calendar‘. But in the end everything came out just fine. 😀

A video demo of my work


NOTE: Since the making of this video, layout changes have been made to make the UI cleaner but no functionality has been changed.

Where’s the code at?

All the code has been pushed to the master branch. My commits are here and the official project page is here. (also contains the GSoC final report)


First of all I would like to thank GNOME for giving me the opportunity to work for them in GSoC 2017. This was truly a rewarding learning experience for me.

I’ve thanked my mentor, Georges endless (pun-intended) number of times but he deserves every single one of those thanks. He has been an absolute solid mentor. I still don’t know how his work output is exceptionally high day-in, day-out but most magicians don’t reveal their secrets, do they?

I’d also like to thank Milan Crha (the maintainer of EDS). He’s gotten me out of some pretty sticky situations (potential roadblocks) from time to time. Without his experience with recurrences it’d not have been possible for me to make such great progress during the course of this project.

All in all I loved Google Summer of Code ’17 and would be delighted to be back next summer. I’ll continue contributing to GNOME as always, and will fix some bugs that couldn’t be fixed during the course of my project.

Until next time!


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